Small to medium home renovation projects do not normally generate a huge amount of construction waste, making our 4 cubic metre skip bin a popular choice for such jobs. If you think that a 3 cubic metre skip bin may not be quite big enough and you want to avoid the possibility of having to pay for 2 bins when 1 slightly larger bin would have been sufficient, this is almost certainly the best size to choose. Equivalent to around 4 standard trailer loads or 8 wheelie bins in volume, our 4 m3 skip bin is 1.5 m x 2.7 m x 1.25 m and can easily be placed on verge ramps in front of residential properties.

The Economical Choice

Our 4 cubic metre skip bin will provide you with 33% more capacity than our smallest model, for a relatively small increase in price. The next size up, at 6 cubic metres, is considerably larger and more expensive, making 4 cubic metres the safest and most economical choice for most smaller building and waste clearance projects. If you need help choosing the right size skip bin for a smaller refurbishment or clearance project, please do not hesitate to call and speak to a member of our team about your requirements.

Efficient Delivery and Collection Service

We can deliver your 4 m3 skip bin in Perth anytime from Monday to Saturday and if you are in a hurry, just call and let us know. We are always happy to accommodate urgent requests and could have your skip bin on site within the hour, depending on your location.

Courteous and Professional Team

Every member of our Perth skip bin team is committed to looking after the needs of our customers and will ensure that your dealings with us are a pleasure from start to finish.