Recover Bins likes to make life simple for our customers by providing skip bin hire services defined by cost-effectiveness, professionalism and environmental responsibility. Due to our commitment to providing eco-friendly bin hire and meeting regulations put in place by the relevant departments, including the Department of Road Transport and the Department of Environment, we are required to put our own rules and regulations in place for our customers to adhere to.

While we don’t like to ask our customers to follow rules and we appreciate that you don’t like them much either, to meet our obligations to the aforementioned departments along with WorkSafe occupational health & safety requirements and landfill licensing conditions, we request that you take note of the following when using our skip bin hire services.

Environmental Requirements

To help meet environmental regulations that keep our local environment clean and free of waste, there are a few environmental requirements that we request you help us meet. The following points are simple to follow and will help us and the local recycling operators we work with to dispose of your waste in the most environmentally friendly way.

  • Do Not Put Any Hazardous Waste in the Bin

All hazardous goods, including asbestos, batteries, car and truck tyres, gas bottles and LPG cylinders, liquid waste including oil, paint and thinners, putrescible (food) waste and any chemicals of any kind are not to be placed within the bin. If you have any hazardous waste that needs disposing of, you’ll find that most council-operated waste facilities recycle most of these items, including gas bottles, LPG cylinders, paint, oil, etc. for free. Contact your local council to learn more about recycling hazardous waste.

By accepting delivery of a Recover Bins skip bin, you agree to and acknowledge these conditions of hire. We appreciate your assistance and efforts in helping us meet these environmental regulations and operating an eco-friendly waste management business.

Operator and Road User Safety

As we need to transport your waste to our chosen recycling facilities, we’re required to meet a number of Department of Road Transport safety and WorkSafe occupational health & safety requirements.Fill the skip to the top only, never exceed the height of the bin

  • Keep all waste completely within the bin, never go higher than the top
  • Please load the skip as evenly as possible to help us pick it up and transport it safely
  • Our bins are designed to carry a maximum of 12 tonnes and overweight bins present a safety risk for operators and road users when lifting and transporting. As our trucks won’t lift more than this, the customer will be required to empty the excess material before the bin can be removed from the site.

Recover Bins appreciates your assistance in helping us operate safely for the benefit of our operators, our customers and other road users.

Skip Bin Safety

For the safety of all, including our staff, yourself and any subcontractors you may be working with, we request that you take note of and adhere to the following skip bin safety requests.

  • Please consider the safety of others when filling the bin. As you can imagine, falling debris from a skip can cause a serious accident on the road and we have a duty of care and legal obligation not to travel with a dangerous load on public roads.
  • While our bins are ‘tarped’ when transported on the road, this is to prevent material from spilling out, not to support large or heavy objects from falling or sliding out. The tarp is designed to cover the bin but if it’s overloaded the tarp won’t cover the bin and its load.
  • Once the bin has been dropped at your location, please don’t move it from where it has been placed. Our operators need to drop off and pick up the bin from a suitable location and if it has been moved and filled it may be dangerous for them to lift it and transport it.

Before ordering a skip, please take a look at the location to ensure there aren’t any trees or powerlines overhead. WorkSafe regulations require a 3-metre safe working distance and with our 3.8m high trucks that means a 6.8-metre distance must be kept from all powerlines.

If our operators believe a skip bin is unsafe to transport we will contact you immediately to advise you that you’re required to rectify the problem. If we can’t contact you, our operators may have to unload some of the material and leave it at the site.

Recover Bins thanks you for your assistance in helping us meet our duty of care and environmental obligations. Should you have any questions about skip bin hire, environmental regulations and safe worksite and transport practices, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 110 132.